Treatment Options for Bunions

Here’s what you should know about bunions and how to treat them.

While you may have heard the term “bunion” you may not actually know what it is. This hard, painful lump often affects the joint at the base of your big toe, which can lead to structural changes in the foot, as well as pain and swelling. Millions of Americans are dealing with bunions and the best way to prevent the need for surgery in the future is to turn to our Glendale, and Phoenix, AZ, podiatrist Dr. Michael Dershowitz at the very first signs of a bunion.

I have a bunion. Now what?

Most of the time home care and simple lifestyle modifications are all you need to slow the progression of the bunion and also to ease pain and discomfort. Of course, it’s important that you see our Glendale and Phoenix, AZ, foot doctor first to make sure that what you’re dealing with is truly a bunion.

Once you have a diagnosis from a qualified professional then you can start treating the problem. Some of the ways to improve the health and function of your feet include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight. If you are overweight or obese this will put more pressure on the bunion.
  • Wearing properly fitted shoes that provide enough cushion and support for the whole foot and also have wide toe boxes. If the shoes rub against your bunion, don’t wear them!
  • Avoiding high heels and shoes with pointed toes.
  • Soaking your feet in warm water or using ice packs if you’re experiencing inflammation and pain.
  • Massaging your feet daily to boost circulation and ease tension and discomfort.
  • Applying a protective pad over the bunion before putting on shoes.

Will I need surgery?

Chances are good that you won’t ever need bunion surgery. However, it’s important to recognize whether it may be time to consider surgery. It may be time to talk to our Glendale, and Phoenix, AZ, podiatrist about bunion surgery if:

  • Your bunion is extremely large
  • You are dealing with severe foot pain and swelling
  • Home care isn’t providing you with relief
  • The big toe has completely crossed over the other toes
  • You avoid certain activities because of your bunion
  • You have trouble going about your day due to bunion pain

Are you wondering whether you’re dealing with a bunion? If so, it’s important to find a podiatrist here in Phoenix, and Glendale, AZ, that you trust to give you the answers you need and care that you can rely on. Dr. Dershowitz at Southwest Foot Institute can help you get your bunion symptoms under control. Call us today at (602) 340-8686.

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