Tips to Prevent Ingrown Toenails

How your podiatrist in Phoenix AZ can help with ingrown toenails

An ingrown toenail looks ugly and is very painful. The pressure caused by wearing shoes is very difficult to deal with. Your Phoenix podiatrist can help with an ingrown toenail, so you can have a new healthy toenail grow in its place.

Dr. Michael Dershowitz at Southwest Foot Institute offers comprehensive foot care, including treatment for ingrown toenails. He has two convenient office locations in Phoenix and Glendale AZ to help you and your feet.

Ways of Preventing an Ingrown Toenail

You can do a lot to prevent the formation of an ingrown toenail. These are some easy tips to prevent this painful toe condition:

  • Stop cutting your toenails too short
  • Cut your toenails straight across and don’t round the corners
  • Wear protective shoes so you don’t damage your toenails
  • Wear shoes with enough room for your toes

If you do get an ingrown toenail, there is no mistaking the dark, purplish color, severe pressure, and pain. It’s important to talk to your Phoenix podiatrist right away. There are a few easy home remedies to consider. To get some relief and healing, you can try:

  • Placing your toe in warm water to soak for several minutes
  • Threading dental floss underneath your toenail to gently move your toenail off of your skin
  • Rubbing over-the-counter antibiotic cream underneath your toenail
  • Placing bandages around your toenail to cushion it
  • Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication

Ingrown toenails can become a severe problem, and it’s best to visit your Phoenix podiatrist. Dr. Dershowitz may recommend:

  • Lifting and separating your toenail from the skin around it, so your toenail can grow freely
  • Trimming off the piece of your toenail that has grown into the skin
  • Removing your toenail so you can grow a healthy new one

You don’t have to suffer from an ingrown toenail when relief and healing are just a phone call away. To find out more about ingrown toenail treatment and other foot care services, call Dr. Michael Dershowitz of Southwest Foot Institute with offices in Phoenix and Glendale AZ at (602) 340-8686. Call now and help your feet!

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