Risk Factors for Adult Flat Feet

If you’ve been experiencing pain in one or both of your heels, and you can’t recall an injury or activity that might have caused the pain, you may be one of the many adults who have flat feet. Although it can be a painless condition, heel pain is usually the most common complication of flat feet seen by Dr. Michael Dershowitz and Dr. Floyd Miller, podiatrists at Southwest Foot Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

What causes flat feet?

Usually, adults have a curve in the center of their foot. This curve, called an arch, is naturally created by the tendons that stretch between the heel and foot bones. Normal arches form when the tendons are when pulled tightly. However, without proper tension, flat feet or fallen arches is the result.

Your Phoenix podiatrists usually find that flat feet are congenital or present from birth. Other cases may develop from injuries like broken bones or torn tendons. Health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or neuropathy (nerve weakness or numbness) can force the arches into a flattened position. Diabetes, pregnancy, being overweight or of advanced age can also cause this condition.

Could my heel pain be caused by flat feet?

There are some people who have flat feet and may not even realize it, as they experience no pain or problems with the condition. However, when patients come to the Southwest Foot Institute in Phoenix to see our foot doctors for flat feet, they are usually experiencing discomfort in the heels or the inside of the foot. Other people find that normal foot movements aren’t easily performed or that they’re having pain in their legs and back in addition to the foot pain.

How can flat feet be treated?

You may find that simply rest of the affected area, coupled with application of ice, may be enough to relieve your pain associated with flat feet. Your Phoenix podiatrists may also recommend physical therapy to stretch and strengthen your arches. Severe cases may need surgery to fix the tendons or alter the shape of the foot. Your Phoenix foot doctor is well-equipped to diagnose your problem and recommend the best treatment; conservative methods are typically tried first.

Don’t allow heel pain from flat feet to rule your life. Contact your Phoenix podiatrists, Dr. Michael Dershowitz and Dr. Floyd Miller at Southwest Foot Institute today!

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