Peripheral Neuropathy: Treatment Options

Our Phoenix podiatry treatments can help you get your neuropathy-related foot problems under control.

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition characterized by damage to the nerves, which leads to tingling, numbness and pain. While nerve damage can occur anywhere in the body, it most commonly affects the extremities (hands and feet). To manage your symptoms and to prevent this problem from getting worse, our Phoenix podiatrist Dr. Michael Dershowitz offers up a variety of treatment options to improve your health and quality of life.

Treatment Options

First and foremost, it is important to figure out the cause of your neuropathy so we know how to treat the underlying problem. For example, many cases of peripheral neuropathy are due to diabetes. Therefore, your doctor may recommend medications to manage blood sugar as well as lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy weight.

In many cases, prescription medications may help you manage your neuropathy symptoms. To reduce inflammation your doctor may prescribe corticosteroids or immunosuppressants.

Turning to Our Podiatrist

Since many people with neuropathy complain of pain, weakness, numbness or tingling in their feet, it’s important that you also have a foot doctor in Phoenix that you can turn to regularly for care. Here at Southwest Foot Institute, we offer several treatment options to help you better manage your symptoms. After all, our goal is to provide you with a variety of choices to improve your quality of life.

We offer surgical decompression, which can help take unnecessary pressure off compressed or affected nerves to improve how your body functions as a whole. This can also reduce inflammation and pain while promoting the body’s natural healing response.

We also offer MLS therapy, a special non-invasive and completely painless laser treatment that is known to reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. It is also known to reduce pain. It’s a great option for many of our patients who are dealing with peripheral neuropathy.

Here at Southwest Foot Institute in Phoenix and Glendale, AZ we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive foot and ankle care whenever you need it. No matter if you are looking for treatments to manage your neuropathy or you are experiencing early symptoms of neuropathy, our podiatric team is here to help.

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