House Slippers, Socks, or Crocs: How to Choose the Safest Footwear

You want your loved one to be comfy around the house, but what’s on his or her feet has a huge impact on safety. Accidental falls are a major cause of broken bones and, in turn, out-of-home placement for older adults.

Look for nonskid soles.

Socks provide warmth and can be a good around-the-house choice, especially at nap time. Whether you choose slippers or socks for hanging around the house, look for nonskid materials. These are now readily available in socks as well as slippers and shoes. Nonskid surfaces provide traction against smooth wood and tile, reducing the chance of falls.

Don’t let rubber meet the road.

Shoes with smooth rubber on the bottom, or shoes made of rubber (such as Crocs-style molded sandals) tend to catch on smooth floor surfaces, inviting accidental trips. A little tread, in contrast, provides a grip against the floor.

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