Diabetic Foot Care

Approximately 30 million Americans struggle with the symptoms and effects of diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association— some diagnosed, some undiagnosed. Because diabetes is a condition that affects the levels of glucose in the blood, diabetic patients may experience problems getting proper circulation to their feet. At Southwest Foot Institute in Phoenix, AZ Dr. Michael Dershowitz provides diabetic foot care, helping patients to keep their feet healthy and free from wounds, ulcers, and nerve damage.

How Can Diabetes Affect the Feet?
Diabetes is a common general medical condition that causes glucose to build up in the bloodstream. It’s caused the body’s inability to naturally create a hormone called insulin. When it’s not controlled, the feet are vulnerable to nerve damage and wounds that don’t heal normally. When a diabetic patient loses feeling in the foot or develops an infected ulcer, that is an emergency that must be addressed and treated immediately to avoid the possibility of permanent tissue damage.

Diabetic Foot Care Treatments
The goal of diabetic foot care is to keep the feet in good condition and catch potential problems before they become serious. Treatments offered at the Southwest Foot Institute in Phoenix, AZ include:

– Toenail clipping and removal of ingrown toenails.
– Regular foot examinations.
– Cleaning and aggressively treating injuries and sores on the feet.
– Surgical removal of infected tissue and wound care.
– Treatment of foot deformities, like bunions.
– Prescription orthotics to provide your feet with support to minimize the risk of injuries.

Keeping Your Feet Healthy
When you’re managing diabetes, it is extremely important to keep a close eye on your feet and go the extra mile to keep them healthy. Here are a few tips to follow:

– Don’t walk barefoot (indoors or outdoors)—always wear a pair of thick socks or slippers.
– Use lotion on the feet in moderation.
– When clipping your toenails, cut straight across to avoid ingrown nails.
– Spend extra on comfortable shoes that are designed to protect and support your feet.

Get Help for Your Feet Today
If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and are currently having trouble with your feet, make an appointment to have podiatrist Dr. Michael Dershowitz look at them. Call 602.340.8686 today to schedule a visit to Southwest Foot Institute in Phoenix and Glendale, AZ.

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