Caring for Your Feet When You’re Diabetic

What your podiatrist in Phoenix and Glendale, AZ wants you to know

Many people neglect taking care of their feet, but if you have diabetes, you need to take care of your feet so they can take care of you. Diabetes affects all of the systems in your body, and the effects are especially noticeable in your feet.

So, how do you take care of your feet if you have diabetes? Dr. Michael Dershowitz at Southwest Foot Institute wants to help answer that question. He has office locations in Phoenix, and Glendale, Arizona to help you and your feet.

Diabetes can cause problems with your immune, circulatory, and nervous systems, and your feet are impacted in different ways:

  • Immune system issues can cause healing problems. If you get a small blister or cut, it may fail to heal and can even turn into a diabetic ulcer.
  • Circulatory system difficulties can cause not enough blood flow to get to your feet and toes.
  • Nervous system problems can cause you not to feel foot pain. Lack of sensation can result in you damaging your feet and not realizing it. You may also suffer from diabetic neuropathy, resulting in chronic nerve pain in your feet.

There are a few simple tips you can do at home to prevent diabetic foot problems. Remember to:

  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly every day to prevent infection
  • Apply thick moisturizing cream or lotion to prevent dry, cracked skin
  • Check your feet and toes for cuts, blisters or sores
  • Keep toenails trimmed straight across to prevent ingrown toenails
  • Exercise and massage your feet daily to promote circulation
  • Always wear supportive footwear and avoid walking barefoot

For additional information about taking care of your diabetic feet, please visit the Diabetic Foot Care page on the Southwest Foot Institute website at

You should also visit your podiatrist regularly for professional treatment. If you have diabetes, you are not alone because the disease affects over 29 million people in the United States according to the American Diabetes Association.

Your feet don’t have to suffer the effects of diabetes. You can get relief by calling Dr. Michael Dershowitz at Southwest Foot Institute, with offices in Phoenix, and Glendale, Arizona. Call today!

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